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USB A to 3.5mm TRS Microphone Headphone Jack Adapter

USB A to 3.5mm TRS Microphone Headphone Jack Adapter

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  • [USB A to Headphone & Microphone 2-In-1 Adapter] – Cubilux External Stereo USB Sound Card converts the USB A port into a headphone jack and a microphone jack to connect gaming headset, headphones, speaker or microphone with 3.5mm TRS plug to your Laptop, PC and computer.
  • [Instant Audio Upgrade] – With 96 KHz/24 bit DAC to output stereo audio and 48 KHz/16 bit ADC to record sound, the soundcard delivers high resolution sound with rich details for listening to music, watching movies, gaming and crystal talking quality for game chat, on-line meeting, vlog.
  • [Ultra-Portable Design] – One of the most compact adapters, it is measured at only 1.8” x 0.6” x 0.4” (44.5mm * 16.2mm * 9.6mm), could be easily plugged in any laptop without blocking the other ports.
  • [Full Aluminum Alloy Enclosure] – Aluminum outer shell ensures optimal signal transfer and blocks any electrical interference for lossless listening experience.
  • [Driverless Plug &Play] – Instantly plug and play on Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/2003/XP, Mac OS, Linux, Raspberry Pi. Compatible with Mac Pro/Mini, Microsoft Surface laptop, PS5, Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga Legion and other PC computer with USB A port. Not for TV or Car USB port.

Cubilux Hi-Res External USB Sound Card

Cubilux External USB Sound Card is ideal for upgrade the sound quality of your computer or bypassing the defective headphone jack or internal sound card.

The headphone and microphone jacks 2-in-1 design lets you connect gaming headset, headphones, speaker as well as microphone to your USB interface Laptop, Desktop, PC, Computer and PS5 for crispy high-resolution sound and crystal clear talking or recording quality

  • Hi-res DAC(96 KHz/24-bit)/ADC(48 KHz/16-bit)
  • Support 3D Virtual Surround
  • Driverless Plug and play without extra power supply
  • Full Aluminum Alloy Body for Interference Isolation and Durability
  • Compact size

2 Colors Available

Durable Design

  1. USB Type A Connector: Driverless plug and play on Windows, Mac OS, Linux system
  2. Full Aluminum Alloy Case: Provide great durability and electrical interference shielding
  3. Separated 3.5 mm(1/8”) TRS Audio and Microphone Port: Convent to connect headsets with split audio/MIC connectors to your USB devices, no need for additional Y-splitter

Instant Audio Upgrade

Built in 96KHz/24bit DAC reproduces High-Resolution detailed sound with amazing clarity, and reduce static and electronic noise caused by defective 3.5mm jack or internal sound card.

Crisp Voice Chat and Recording

The 48KHz/24bit ADC capture the original microphone input and converts to accurate digital signal for crystal clear talking for gameplay, on-line meeting or vlog.

Full Aluminum Alloy Case

Isolate electrical signal interreference for premium lossless listening experience.

3D Virtual Surround

Supporting virtual surround, the adapter could clearly distinguish the directions of various sound sources to give you immersive gaming experience and let you spot your opponents beforehand through their footsteps. Especially ideal for FPS games like “PUBG”, “Fortnite”, “Battlefield V” etc.

Listen to Your Recording

The adapter also supports 3.5mm TS/TRS(or TRRS with converter) microphone input for singing, vlog, broadcast, and let you listen to your recording at the same time for the best performance.

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