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UCSTR-B3 USB A to SPDIF Input Output 2-in-1 Converter

UCSTR-B3 USB A to SPDIF Input Output 2-in-1 Converter

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  • [USB C to SPDIF Input & Output Converter] – The 2-In-1 USB Optical Transmitter/Receiver allows you to record the stereo audio stream from your amplifier with your computer, or connect your laptop to a soundbar to play digital lossless music. This converter supports high-resolution sound up to 192KHz/24-bit for both input and output audio signals.
  • [Simultaneous Audio Conversion] - This USB to SPDIF Transmitter and Receiver enables seamless audio transmission in both directions - from USB to SPDIF and from SPDIF to USB - providing maximum flexibility and convenience for your audio setup.
  • [Only for Stereo Optical Transmission] – Please note that the adapter is ONLY for transferring stereo audio signals, and does NOT support 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.
  • [Plug & Play] – This device requires no additional drivers or software. Simply connect it to your USB source and your SPDIF audio system, and you're ready to enjoy high-quality audio in both directions.
  • [Important Note] – This adapter is ONLY compatible with laptops, PCs or computers. The adapter does NOT support TV or Car USB ports due to the restriction of their USB interface. The adapter does NOT support phones or tablets due to the limitation of their sampling rate.

Cubilux UCSTR-B3 USB A to SPDIF Input Output 2-in-1 Converter

Cubilux 2-in-1 USB A to Toslink Input Output Converter is a perfect solution for transmitting high-quality audio signals between computers and SPDIF-compatible devices with ease. Whether you're recording an optical audio stream, connecting your computer to a surround sound system, or streaming the audio from a gaming console into your PC, this converter provides a reliable and efficient way to transmit digital audio signals without loss of quality.

  • Optical Input Output 2-In-1
  • Support Hi-Res Audio Stream Up to 192KHz/24-bit
  • Full Aluminum Alloy Case

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