Bidirectional 4 -Channel 3.5mm Audio Selector Box


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  • Enable audio switching from 4 inputs to 1 output or 1 input to 4 outputs. Plug and play without driver or extra power supply
  • Easily switch audio channel with a single twist
  • Full Aluminum alloy housing enables full isolation of electronic interference and ensures no-loss transmission of audio signal without static or ground noise
  • Compatible with headphones, earphones, speakers, soundbars, mixers, amplifiers, laptop, TV, MP3, smartphone etc. for stereo input or output. Please note that the adapter does NOT support microphone input
  • With antiskid silicone pad on the bottom, the selector is suitable for any surface

Cubilux Bidirectional 4 Ports Audio Selector Box

Cubilux Bidirectional 4 Ports Audio Selector Box

Cubilux Audio Selector makes sound switching between input and output devices trivial, with a single twist and you are good to go, no need for complicated setup, just simply plug and play. The bidirectional design is perfect for connecting multiple input or output devices, or making sound comparison between different sources or headphones.

  • Plug and Play without Driver and Extra Power Supply
  • Simple Knob Switch
  • Ultra-Portable Design
  • Full Aluminum Alloy Case
  • Lossless Sound Quality

Please Note: the adapter does NOT support microphone input.

2-In-1 Audio Switch

The Switcher could be used reversible, so you can:

  1. Select one of 4 output devices for 1 audio source, or
  2. Pass 1 audio signal to one of the 4 outputs.

Full metal housing isolates any electric interference for pure music

Lossless Sound Quality

Made with Aluminum alloy for great interference isolation, the adapter delivers lossless audio signal without distortion or static for high quality signal routing.

Robust Built Quality

Full Aluminum alloy case for durability.

Simple Knob Control

Easily switch between different sources.

Antiskid Pad

Sit steadily on any surface.

Compact Size

Easy to carry and only take a little space on your desk.