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AS-R1 RCA Splitter

AS-R1 RCA Splitter

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  • [Cubilux RCA Splitter]-4-way RCA splitter (1 in 4 out) splits 1 audio analog signal into multi sinks for multiple dubbing projects.
  • [Lossless Sound]The exquisite circuit design ensures zero degradation of the audio signal, distributing lossless sound with precise accuracy and clean clarity.
  • [Premium Quality]-The selector is made with rugged Aluminum alloy casing to offer great durability, signal isolation and EMI/RFI shielding.
  • [Wide Compatibility]- Compatible with a wide range of devices with RCA interface, such as CD player, turntable, cassette player, digital audio player, mixer, amplifier, receiver and TV.
  • [Easy to Use]-No need for tangled cables and messy setups, just plug and play.

Cubilux Audio RCA Splitter

This passive RCA audio splitter is the perfect solution for anyone looking to distribute audio signals from a single source to multiple devices. With 1 input and 4 outputs, this splitter can be used to distribute audio signals to multiple speakers, headphones, or other audio devices.

  • Premium Circuit Design and Gole-Plated Connector for Lossless Sound
  • Rugged Aluminum Alloy Case for Durability and EMI/RFI Isolation
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Cubilux RCA Audio Splitter
  • This RCA Splitter supports a wide range of audio signals, including stereo audio, and more.The high-quality construction ensures reliable signal transmission and minimal signal loss, so you can enjoy clear and crisp audio.
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