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6.35mm Volume Controller

6.35mm Volume Controller

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  • [Stepless Volume Control] – Cubilux 6.35mm Volume Control Knob allows you to fine-tune the audio volume of your speaker and studio monitor to your desired level, or control the volume of your guitar or keyboard while practicing, giving you complete control over your listening experience.
  • [Crystal Clean Sound] – The volume controller ensures lossless transmission of the audio signal, maintaining the original music quality without any static.
  • [Support Mute Function] – The volume attenuator allows you to mute the sound by turning the knob to the minimum.
  • [NOT for Amplifying Sound / NOT for Control Microphone Volume] – This volume control does NOT amplify sound, using this cable will NOT boost the volume. This volume control allows the microphone signal to pass through, but it is for adjusting the volume of the audio output signal ONLY, NOT for adjusting MIC volume.
  • [Compact & Durable] – The volume control is easy to carry with the portable design; The Aluminum alloy shell of the controller offers better interference isolation and durability.

Cubilux 6.35mm Volume Controller

Cubilux 6.35mm Analog Volume Controller is designed to provide exceptional sound clarity while offering convenient volume adjustment capabilities. By adjusting the volume, the user can avoid hearing damage, noise complaints, or audio distortion. Volume controllers can also have other functions, such as muting, balancing, equalizing, or enhancing the sound quality.Ideal for headphones, speakers, studio monitors, bass guitars and keyboards with a 6.35mm(1/4-inch) connector.


  • This volume control does NOT amplify sound, using this cable will NOT boost the volume.
  • This volume control is for adjusting the volume of the audio output signal ONLYNOT for adjusting MIC volume.
  • This volume control is compatible with Headphone Amplifier, but NOT for Speaker Amplifier.

Stepless Volume Adjustment

Aluminum Alloy Case for Intereference Isolation

Premium Design

Wide Compatibility








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