3.5mm Volume Controller


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  • Stepless Volume Control to fine-tune the audio volume of your speaker and earphones to your desired level
  • Maintains the original music quality and reproduces pure and clean sound without any loss or static
  • Compatible with Digital Button Volume Control
  • NOT for Control Microphone Volume
  • NOT for Amplifying Sound

Cubilux 3.5mm Analog Volume Control Cable is designed to provide exceptional sound clarity while offering convenient volume adjustment capabilities. Ideal for headphones, earphones, and speakers with a 3.5mm(1/8-inch) connector.


  • This volume control does NOT amplify sound, using this cable will NOT boost the volume.
  • This volume control is for adjusting the volume of the audio output signal ONLY, NOT for adjusting MIC volume.
  • This volume control is compatible with Headphone Amplifier, but NOTfor Speaker Amplifier.