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3.5mm Analog Volume Controller

3.5mm Analog Volume Controller

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  • [Stepless Volume Control] – Cubilux 3.5mm Volume Control Cable allows you to fine-tune the audio volume of your speaker and earphones to your desired level, giving you complete control over your listening experience. For example, this volume control allows you to turn down the volume of your headphones just enough for sleeping.
  • [Crystal Clean Sound] – Made with oxygen-free copper wires and gold-plated connector, this volume attenuator maintains the original music quality and reproduces pure and clean sound without any loss or static.
  • [Compatible with Digital Button Volume Control] – The passive analog volume control allows you to adjust the volume through the in-line control of the headphones at the same time.
  • [NOT for Amplifying Sound] – This volume control does NOT amplify sound, using this cable will NOT boost the volume.
  • [NOT for Control Microphone Volume] – This volume control allows the microphone signal to come through, but it is for adjusting the volume of the audio output signal ONLY, NOT for adjusting MIC volume.

Cubilux 3.5mm Analog Volume Control Cable is designed to provide exceptional sound clarity while offering convenient volume adjustment capabilities. Ideal for headphones, earphones, and speakers with a 3.5mm(1/8-inch) connector.


  • This volume control does NOT amplify sound, using this cable will NOT boost the volume.
  • This volume control is for adjusting the volume of the audio output signal ONLYNOT for adjusting MIC volume.
  • This volume control is compatible with Headphone Amplifier, but NOT for Speaker Amplifier.
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