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AM-2 3.5mm Party Chat Link Cable

AM-2 3.5mm Party Chat Link Cable

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  • [Mixing Gaming Audio & Chatting] – The cable allows you to talk with your friend through computer or smartphone while playing video games on your Switch, Xbox or PlayStation, giving you better gaming experience and talking quality.
  • [No Audio Interference for Your On-Line Partner] – The cable transmits gaming audio signal and chatting signal to your headset and splits MIC-input signal to your friend, so you can hear gaming audio and voice chat at the same time while your friend can only hear your voice.
  • [Superior Audio Quality] – Made with 24K gold-plated connector and OFC wires, this cable could minimize signal transmission loss and maximize the intensity of the sound for optimal listening experience.
  • [Support Volume Control and Mute] – The cable allows you to easily adjust volume, make handsfree chatting and mute the microphone through the in-line button control of your headphones. Please note that the remote control is only functional on the device with TRRS connector (with “chat” icon) plugged in.
  • [4 Feet Braided Cable] – The long, braided, tangle-free cable gives you more freedom to move around.

Cubilux Party Chat Link Cable

Cubilux Party Chat Cable offers a better experience for you to hear audio from your gaming console and talk through your PC or smartphone at the same time with one gaming headset, bringing you an immersive gaming experience and crystal-clear talking quality.

  • Gold-plated connector and OFC wires for lossless sound quality
  • Wired for no-latency gaming and chatting
  • Support in-line remote control
  • Metal housing and nylon braided cable for durability
  • Built-in resister to avoid overload and ensure the safety of your devices

Ideal for Gaming and On-Line Chatting

Hearing Audio from Gaming Console and Chatting through Phone

  • What you hear with Cubilux Party Chat Cable: Gaming audio from computer/gaming console and talking from phone at the same time.
  • What your teammates hear: Only crystal-clear voice from you without any interference of gaming audio from your computer.

Connection Detail


  • Connection: 3.5mm TRRS Female (Headset jack) to 3.5mm (1/8”) TRS Male (Gaming audio input) and 3.5mm (1/8”) TRRS Male (Voice chat audio output and MIC input)
  • Length: 4 Feet/1.2 M
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy, Braided Cable
  • Compatible Chatting Apps: “Discord”, “PlayStation App”, “Microsoft Teams”, “Skype” ,”Google Meet”, “Zoom” etc.

Premium Quality

  • Gold-plated 3.5mm Connector: Increased electrical conductivity and improve audio signal transmission.
  • Wired for better Audio Quality: Oxygen free copper wires minimize signal loss and maximize the intensity of the music.
  • Braided Cable with Embedded Kevlar Fibers: Extremely durable to withstand pulling and stretching
  • Built-in Small Form Factor Resister: Prevent the connected devices from being overloaded and protect your headphones, gaming console, cellphone, computer etc.


Ideal for various gaming console including “Switch”, “PlayStation”, "XBox", laptop, PC etc.

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