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3.5mm Headphone Splitter-Silver

3.5mm Headphone Splitter-Silver

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  • [Headphone Sharing Adapter] – The adapter splits the 3.5mm audio jack into 2 headphone jacks and allows you to share music, movies or games with your friend by connecting 2 pairs of headphones without disturbing others, e.g., when traveling by an airplane.
  • [Superior Sound Quality]: 3.5mm gold plated connector ensures excellent sound quality as well as a stable and reliable connection. And the oxygen free copper wire minimizes signal transmission loss and maximizes the intensity to high-resolution sound.
  • [Support In-line MIC & Remote Control] – The headset jack(on the left side with MIC icon) allows you to talk or effortless adjust volume with headphones’ in-line control and the headphone jack(on the right side without MIC icon) is just for listening only.
  • [Plug & Play] – Driverless plug and play on Android, iPad OS, Mac OS, Windows. Compatible with iPad iPod iPhone, Google Pixel 4a/3a, Moto G Play/Power G9 G8, Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 Tab A, and other laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones with 3.5 mm(1/8 inches) port.
  • [Compatible with TRRS MIC] – The adapter is also ideal for working from home with its various compatibility for most on-line conference APPs such as “Zoom”, “Skype”, “Google Meet” and “FaceTime”. Simply plug in a 3.5mm TRRS microphone and headphones and you can have better audio quality for your meeting. You can use the adapter for your live stream too.

Cubilux Dual 3.5mm Jakcs Headphone Adapter

  • Compatible with 3.5mm TRRS Microphone
  • Support Real-Time Playback Monitoring
  • Gold-Plated Connector and OFC Wire for Best Audio Performance
  • Support In-Line Volume Control
  • Braided Cable and Aluminum Alloy Case for Durability
  • Compact Size

Easy to Share Audio & Video

The adapter offers a convenient solution to share music and movies with your friend and family member without bothering people around during flight or train.

Ideal for On-Line Conference

Featuring a headset jack for talking and hearing and a headphone jack for listening only, the adapter is ideal for co-working during on-line meetings or class.

Monitor Real-Time Playback

The headset jack of the adapter is compatible with 4-pole TRRS 3.5mm lavalier microphone, which make it perfect for recording. You can even monitor real-time playback with professional recording Apps such as "GarageBand"(iOS) or "BandLab"(Android).

Please Note:

  • You may not be able to monitor real-time playback while recording videos since most camera app does NOT support monitor function.

Connection Details

Headset Jack:

  • Plug in TRS Connector - Audio-Output Only
    • Support earphones and headphones.
  • Plug in TRRS Connector - Audio-Output & Microphone Input
    • Support earphones and headphones with in-line microphone & volume control.
    • Support TRRS microphone(NOT for microphones that require phantom power supply).

Headphone Jack:

  • Plug in TRS Connector - Audio-Output Only
    • Support earphones and headphones.
  • Plug in TRRS Connector - Audio-Output Only
    • Support earphones and headphones.

Universal Compatibility

  • for iPhone iPhone SE・iPhone 6s/6s Plus・iPhone 6/6 Plus・iPhone 5s・iPhone 5c・iPhone 5
  • for iPad iPad Pro 2nd 12.9"/10.5"・iPad Pro 1st 12.9"/9.7"・iPad mini 5th・iPad mini 4th・iPad mini 3rd・iPad mini 2nd・iPad mini 1st・iPad Air 3rd・iPad Air 2nd・iPad Air 1st・iPad 8th 10.2"・iPad 7th 10.2"・iPad 5 9.7"・iPad 4th・iPad 3rd・iPad 2nd・iPad 1st
  • for Macbook Pro MacBook pro M1 13-Inch(2020)・MacBook Pro 2020 13-Inch・MacBook Pro 2019 Touch 13/15-Inch・MacBook Pro 2019 16-Inch・MacBook Pro 2018 Touch 13/15-Inch・MacBook Pro 2017 Touch 13/15-Inch・MacBook Pro 2017 13-Inch・MacBook Pro 2016 Touch 13/15-Inch・MacBook Pro 2016 13-Inch・
  • for Macbook Air Macbook Air M1(2020)・MacBook Air 2020・MacBook Air 2019・MacBook Air 2018・MacBook Air 2017
  • for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite・Tab Active3・Tab Active Pro・Tab A7 10.4 (2020)・Tab A 8.4 (2020)・Tab A 8.0 (2019)・Tab A 8.0・Tab A 10.1 (2019)・S10e・S10+/S10 (5G)・Note10 Lite・M51・M31s・M31 Prime・M31・M30s・M30・M30・M21s・M21・M20・M11・M10s・M10・M02s・M01s・M01 Core・M01・J2 Core (2020)・F41・A71 5G・A71 5G・A71・A70s・A70・A51 5G・A51・A50s・A42 5G・A41・A40・A32 5G・A31・A30s・A30・A21s・A21・A20s・A20e・A20・A2 Core・A12・A11・A10s・A10e・A10・A01 Core・A01・A Quantum
  • for Google Pixel 4a (5g)・Pixel 3a XL/3a
  • for Oneplus Nord N100・Nord N10 5G
  • for Motorola(Moto) Z4・Z2 Play・Z Play・One Zoom・One Vision+/One Vision・One Power・One Macro・One Hyper・One Fusion+/One Fusion・One Action・One 5G Ace・One 5G・One・G9+/G9・G9 Power・G9 Play・G8+/G8・G8 Power Lite・G8 Power・G8 Play・G7+/G7・G7 Power・G7 Play・G6+/G6・G Stylus (2021)・G Stylus・G Pro・G Power (2021)・G Power・G Play (2021)・G Fast・G 5G+/G 5G・Edge+/Edge
  • for HTC Wildfire X・Wildfire R70・Wildfire E2・Wildfire E1/E1 Plus/E1 lite・Wildfire E・U12 life・Exodus 1s・Desire 21 Pro 5G・Desire 20 Pro/20+・Desire 19+/19s・Desire 12+/12/12s,Fire HD

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