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Furry Windscreen for AT2020 Microphone

Furry Windscreen for AT2020 Microphone

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  • [Furry Wind Cover with Elastic Loop Strap]-Cubilux furry windscreen has an elastic loop that can be stretched to fit different microphone sizes.
  • [Wide Compatibility]-This furry windscreen pop filter is made for Audio-Technica AT2020 microphone as well as AT2020 USB,AT2050,AT2035,AT2050 microphones or other cylindrical shape microphones with 2.1 inches diameter.
  • [Noise Reduction]- It can effectively reduce wind noise and plosives when recording indoors or outdoors to provide a better sound quality.
  • [Artificial Furry Muff]-The furry wind cover is made of soft and durable artificial fur that can protect the microphone from dust, moisture and scratches. It also has an inner mesh layer that can prevent the fur from touching the microphone diaphragm.
  • [Windscreen Size]-Dimension:4.3 in × 3 in × 1.5 in; Color: Grey.


Cubilux Grey Mic Cover fits Audio-Technica AT2020,AT2020 USB,AT2050,AT4040,AT2035,AT2050 and other 2.1 inches diameter cylindrical microphones can be used for live streaming, fielding recording, podcasting or gaming.

High-quality furry wind cover

This Furry microphone windscreen can reduce the plosive, noise and wind interference to provide a better sound quality.

Elastic loop strap

The elastic loop strap can be extended to fit different microphone size around 2.1-inch diameter.

Protect your mic

The artificial fur will protect your mic from dust, moisture and scratches. And the mesh layer inside will prevent the fur from entering your microphone.


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