HA-2 USB HiFi Grade Headphone Adapter with ES9118 DAC


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USB Headphone Adapter with HiFi Grade DAC

Cubilux ES9118EC USB Headphone DAC/AMP could dramatically improve your listening experience and make your favorite music sounds emotional and juicy with amazing details and clarity. Simply plug the AMP to your computer or laptop, and you can enjoy beautiful natural sound with tightened drumbeat, vigorous voice, crystal treble, spacious sound stage. Ideal for audiophiles to listen high-resolution music form “Tidal”, “Spotify” etc.

  • Advanced ES9118 DAC/AMP
  • Support Maximum 96 KHz/24-bit Audio Output and 48 KHz/16-bit Microphone Input
  • Powerful Enough to Drive 300 Ohm Headphones
  • Support In-Line Button Control and Microphone Input
  • Gold-Plated Connector for Lossless Signal Transmission
  • Ultra-Compact Size
  • Full Aluminum Case for Long-Last Durability
  • Driverless Plug and Play without External Power Supply

High Performance Audiophile DAC/AMP

To improve sound quality, Cubilux HA-2 utilizes a Hi-Res digital to analog converter that supports music format up to 96Khz/24-bit and the advanced ES9118 amplifier to reproduce audio stream with abundant details and spaciousness, providing immersive listening experience with clean treble, powerful mid and tightened bass.

Ultra-Low Noise & Precise Sound Accuracy

Cubilux HA-2 USB Headphone AMP also features an extreme low phase noise crystal oscillator and dual ultra-low power supply noise LDOs to reduce electronic inferences and represent music with more clarity and accuracy.

HIFI Music Experience

Original analog sound. Recovered analog signal from 44.1 KHz sampling rate stream. Recovered analog signal from 96 KHz sampling rate stream with more details.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

  • Full aluminum alloy case and gold-plated connector allow Cubilux HA-2 to against abrasion and corrosion during daily use.
  • The CNC Aluminum housing with perfectly rounded corners offers a smooth texture for plugging in and out.

Universal Compatibility

Plug and play on desktops, laptops and computers with USB A port and iPhones with camera kit.

  • Connection: USB Type A Male to 4-Pole TRRS 3.5mm Female
  • Sample rates:
  • DAC: 44.1~96 KHz, 16/24-bit
  • ADC: 16~48 KHz/16-bit
  • Full Scale Output Voltage: 1Vrms
  • Headphone AMP/DAC Chip: ES9118
  • Dimensions: 45mm (L) x 17mm (W) x 10mm (H)